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Where we are All Invested in your Real Estate

Whether you are considering buying or selling your home, I am available to provide a free consultation to help you reach your goal!

Our aim, is to maximize your home sale experience with our ability to connect you with skilled and affordable tradesmen.

Spearheaded by a Licensed Realtor who understands the big picture and process of buying and selling homes.  

Considering the many facets  a home sale, it is crucial to work with someone who does not advise as one

size fits all.  It is an ever changing market and you need a Professional who is well oriented to guide you

through the detailed process of how home improvement and sales are entwined.  Our goal is to help you

get the best return on your home investment.

What sets AIRESTATE apart is our Referral list which is based on REAL TIME client reviews

There are NO fees for our referral system.  All that we require is that clients provide honest feedback

on the completed work.  Your feedback is the “linchpin” needed for us to hold our workers accountable

for each job.  They must remain in good standing with our feedback system in order to remain

on our referral list.

    Our All Invested Real Estate culture is established by our working

through authentic relationships with skilled tradesmen of high integrity,


When I finally made the decision to sell my condo in Mt. Pleasant, I knew I had a lot of updating to do before it could go on the market.  I live in Africa

I only had a few weeks to get all the work done while I was in the country.  Without Jennifer Woodworth, I would have never been able to meet my deadline. 

She helped to coordinate the whole renovation by using her contacts to find the best deals on flooring, appliances, counter tops, plumbing needs, painting, etc. 

She helped me hire workers to lay the laminate flooring, scrape the popcorn ceiling, and install a tile backsplash in the kitchen.  All of this was done in about month. 

There is no way I could have done it all in my time frame and gotten good reliable labor at great prices without Jennifer!  I highly recommend her, not only as a

real estate agent, but as someone knowledgeable in all areas needed to get your home ready to go on the market.  She is hard working, takes initiative, is

trustworthy and will go above and beyond for her clients.  You won’t be disappointed!


Rev. Elizabeth Bumpas

Diocese of N. Uganda

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